BizSAFE Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Ecoglo Pte Ltd is committed to Occupational Health and Safety and it's Duty of Care responsibilities to employees, including sub-contractors and acknowledges its moral obligation to protecting the health and safety of all employees and sub-contractors.

It is Ecoglo's Policy, therefore to promote the highest standards of safety and the elimination of injury, loss or damage by fulfilling the following commitments.

  1. Making safety an essential and integral part of management accountability;
  2. Identifying and assessing hazards and risks to health and safety and, where they cannot be eliminated, they are effectively controlled;
  3. Provide adequate resources and education required to ensure employees and sub-contractors are aware of the hazards they face and how they can protect themselves;
  4. Promote a positive safety culture where employees and sub-contractors are consulted and encouraged to actively participate in the safety and health management of the site:
  5. Complying with all legislations and other requirements; and striving to exceed these requirements.

This occupational Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to reflect the objectives and commitments of Ecoglo.

Click here to download the OSH Policy 2018

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