Architectural Specifications

Fire Code 2013

Ecoglo Products are designed to be used in and about buildings to identify escape routes to meet Singapore Fire Code 2013 Clause 2.10.3 & Clause 2.10.4 as well as Building Codes in United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and any performance based jurisdiction around the world.

Download Architectural Specifications for Fire Code 2013 Cl.2.10.3 Photo luminescent marking & Cl2.10.4

BCA Code

Slips and falls on steps can be caused by poor edge definition of the step, slippery surfaces and glare or poor light affecting visibility. Ecoglo has built a worldwide reputation for high visibility Photoluminescent and anti-slip step edges. These provide for the safe and efficient movement of people, preventing slips and fall 24 hours a day.

Download Architectural Specifications for BCA Code on Accessibility in The Built Environment 2013

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